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102_ Inside The German Cannabis Industry

Episode Summary

Lisa Haag has been a journalist and public advocate for cannabis rights in Germany since 2017, and is often seen on stage at B2B events throughout Europe because of her in-depth knowledge of the industry. She publishes Krautinvest, an online B2B magazine that reports on cannabis policies, global news, social justice, scientific medical research, and interviews with industry experts. Her business consulting company, MJ Universe GmbH, helps companies navigate the European cannabis ecosystem through her team of experts. Lisa gives us insights into the current opportunities in the German cannabis market.

Episode Notes


·  German Cannabis Market: Germany has decriminalized possession up to 25 grams and allows home cultivation of up to three plants. Consumers can also join cannabis social clubs starting July 1st.

·  Medical Cannabis: Medical cannabis in Germany has become more accessible, with reduced barriers to prescription and health insurance coverage for severely ill patients under specific conditions.

·  Pharmacy Role in Medical Cannabis:

·  Vape Devices and Methods:

·  Cannabis Product Innovation:

·  Medical Community Involvement:

·  German Market and Regulations:

·  Recreational Use and Pillar Two:

·  Future of Cannabis Research:

·  Investment and Market Dynamics: