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100_Assessing Europes Opportunities With Jamie Pearson

Episode Summary

Jamie Pearson is known for leading the West Coast-infused chocolate bar brand Bhang for five years as CEO. She is now the founder and CEO of The New Holland Group and has her eyes set on Europe. Now that Germany has opened the spigot and legalized cannabis, she is using her proven expertise to help others navigate global opportunities. Jamie is a regular speaker at the cannabis B2B conferences sweeping the EU as global entrepreneurs descend on Europe. She gives us insight into the discussions taking place and where she is bullish on the EU cannabis industry.

Episode Notes


Recent Developments and Market Dynamics:

o Discusses the significance of Germany's move towards cannabis legalization.

o Believes Germany's decision is a tipping point that will influence other countries.

o Notes the impact of global politics on the cannabis industry, particularly in


Medical vs. Recreational Cannabis:

o Highlights differences between U.S. and EU medical cannabis programs.

o EU medical programs are integrated into the healthcare system, unlike the U.S.

o Anticipates home grow and picks-and-shovels industries will see significant

growth in Germany.

Supply Chain and Market Opportunities:

o Discusses the complexity of supply chain management in the cannabis industry.

o Mentions the necessity of EU GMP certification for pharmaceutical


o Predicts robust growth in seeds, clones, and home grow supplies due to new


Strategic Insights and Predictions:

o Foresees increased cannabis trade and home grow activities in Germany.

o Expects other EU countries to follow Germany's lead due to economic incentives.

o Notes that cannabis brands will emerge differently in Europe compared to the


Industry Adaptation and Innovation:

o Anticipates creative workarounds to regulatory challenges in the EU market.

o Excited about future developments and the potential for significant industry shifts.

Form Factors of Cannabis Products:

• Different consumption methods including:

o Melting on the tongue

o Inhalation

• Various products catering to different needs such as vaginal suppositories for menopause,

period pain, and anal suppositories for lubrication and relief after sex.

European Market Opportunities:

Medical Market:

o Significant potential in the medical market, especially in the UK and Germany.

o Possibility to enter through compound pharmacies and doctor prescriptions.

Recreational Market:

o Limited immediate opportunities for non-traditional products like vaginal

suppositories in the recreational market.

o Future potential as the market evolves.

Market Entry Strategies for American Brands:

Wait and Watch:o Advisable for smaller brands to wait and let larger players pave the way.

o First-mover advantage might be overhyped in a nascent industry.

Branding and Adaptation:

o Importance of local expertise to understand cultural nuances.

o Tailor branding strategies to specific European regions (e.g., Munich vs. Berlin

vs. Cologne).

Challenges and Considerations:

Cultural Differences:

o Success in the US doesn’t guarantee success in Europe.

o Need for localized marketing and understanding regional variations.

Pharmaceutical and Medical Aspects:

o Removal of cannabis from the narcotics list in Germany will ease research and


o Pharmacies, particularly compounding ones, will play a crucial role in the medical

cannabis market.

Investment and Market Dynamics:

Institutional Investment:

o Currently cautious, waiting for market stabilization and pilot programs to unfold.

o Investment more likely in supporting industries (e.g., lighting, nutrients,


Education and Information:

o Significant need for educational resources for both consumers and professionals.

o Companies like Leafly could play a crucial role in market education.

Excitement and Future Potential:

Growth Areas:

o Education platforms, seed companies, grow equipment, and packaging/branding.

o Monitoring for key players who could become the leaders in the European

cannabis industry.

Cultivation Concerns:

o Potential risks for cultivation investments due to future competition from

countries like Colombia once imports are allowed.

o Current focus on domestic cultivation with a view to adapt as the market evolves.