The Mary Jane Society Podcast

64_Scientist and CEO of Verne Bio, Nathan Johnson

Episode Summary

The cannabis industry needs science to move it forward, and Nathan is providing his scientific expertise to set standards and poke at research to grow the industry.

Episode Notes

Nathan Johnson, CEO of Verne Bioanalytics, an innovator in cannabis genetic and pathogen testing and analysis. They work with seasoned and new cultivators to educate them on the dangers and pitfalls of pathogens, and they help cultivators obtain the cannabinoid genetics they are specifically looking for.

Nathan is also the CTO of the company Cannabisque. They are building a database of known cannabinoids based on scientific literature and cataloging their effects on the body. They use AI to create a label for products based on its COA  to show how the product may work in your body. More precise than other platforms documenting user experience for specific products.